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Custom-designed, flexible solutions:

Innovative Designers

Insurance Solution Architects

Pioneering add-on benefits to basic group AD&D insurance such as for paralysis and coma, seat belt compliance, felonious assault, and rehabilitation for injury victims … providing day care, job training and education benefits for families … these are just some of the innovations created by the principals of JRW which are highly valued by employers and have become the standard for the industry.

As a highly respected leader in underwriting insurance for complex, special risk clients, we curate programs that meet both employer requirements and employee demographics. Our toolkit includes solutions with high indemnity limits and for high-risk situations, including occupational duties, international travel, temporary assignments and episodic events.

Responsive, Personal Service Providers

Quick responses to your requests - delivering proposals on a timely basis, meeting deadline-sensitive turnarounds on underwriting ad hoc risks - these are the markers of JRW’s nimble, agile service that has helped us to build lasting client relationships. Once coverage is in place, we monitor it to assure on-time renewals and prompt amendments or endorsements.



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About Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc. (JRW)

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Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc.
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PO Box 19640
Irvine, CA 92623

Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc. 

  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Facultative “Special Accident” Insurance
  • Voluntary Personal Accident Insurance
  • Basic Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc.
MSC# 17203 - 
PO Box 19640
Irvine, CA 92623


Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc., one of the nation’s largest underwriters of AD&D and other special risk insurance programs, are experts in offering flexible, integrated solutions to employers nationwide. 

With a 30+ year track record of innovation, JRW is proud to offer clients customized programs at competitive group rates, backed by responsive, personal service.  

Our reputation for providing quality, cost-effective solutions and outstanding service have helped us build a reputation for excellence among our clients, peers, carrier-partners, and the communities we serve.

Industry-specific expertiseRetail, aviation, construction, military/defense contracting, oil exploration, first responders

Modifications to typical exclusions to provide coverage for

  • Acts of War while on Business Travel
  • Travel in Policyholder aircraft
  • Military Service/Reserve Duty

Underwriter for AD&D 
Insurance Programs